Ray Ramson, a prominent high school football player, just wants to help his little friend recover from cancer with a simple blood transfusion, but something goes horribly wrong, nearly killing Ray in the process.  During his recovery, he realizes that he is turning into something beyond his understanding.  Years later, when his wife becomes pregnant with his child, she will bear him a being that is light years away on the evolutionary continuum, one that will change his world forever.


The Behemoth series, now four books strong and growing, begins with Where Strides the Behemoth.  Go to Amazon and get yours today.

If Superman, the Incredible Hulk, and Spiderman all had a baby, that baby would be the Behemoth.


No person in the history of mankind has ever had the genetic makeup of Jim Ramson, the Behemoth.  To my way of thinking, no living being on this planet, or any other planet, ever will.



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